The Achensee, Pertisau & our restaurant

to the enjoyment worlds

Three guarantees of good taste

Come on into our restaurant in Pertisau. Enjoy your time here to the fullest and indulge yourself throughout the day with superb fine cuisine and a naturally romantic ambience.

For the senses

You eat with your eyes. This is true for us not only in how we loving prepare and garnish our quality food, as at ENTNERs, every meal is a holistic experience. Each toast is a rendezvous with selected specialty wines from top wine producers.

A good start

It does not matter if you are an early bird or a night owl. Waking up in ENTNERs am SEE is always easy. Just the thought of our generous and carefully crafted breakfast menu is enough to tempt any lazybones, big or small, out of bed. The enticing aroma of freshly baked pastries and enticing coffees replaces the need to set an alarm.

The first highlight in the morning

Make your breakfast in Pertisau and our restaurant the first highlight of the day. Our modern buffet with FreeFlow area and healthy options corner combines local produce, hearty, fresh fruit and tasty muesli, creating a breakfast selection to awaken the tastebuds - guaranteed.

In the evening - a meet and greet with the stars of pure indulgence

The coronation of every day is the evening: Together experienced and together enjoyed, it can in itself become a highlight. Especially when the ENTNERs restaurant invites you to enjoy a delicious 4-course menu.

Exquisite creations with specially selected accompaniments are guests on the red carpet of fine cuisine - and are an appetiser for the headline act: the weekly Gala Menu. Try it now and be amazed!

Direct Request

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Entners SPA Package

Entners SPA Package

Take a break and enjoy 3 days at Entners am See.

from € 477,- per Person
3 nights
Bike & SUP

Bike & SUP

Sporty at the lake
Explore the lake with your SUP and enjoy the trails with your bike!

from € 547,- p.P.
3 nights
Exploring the Achensee

Exploring the Achensee

Explore the Achensee with the Achensee Erlebniscard

from € 1.283,- p.P.
7 nights