Hotel-Bar in the ENTNERs am See

to the enjoyment worlds

Room for stories

Everything has its own story in ENTNERs -the tasteful décor, the drinks, the people at the bar. In front of the wide, fantastic views directly across the Achensee and the imposing mountains, characters from near and far meet to experience an unforgettable evening, accompanied by lively music.

Be skilfully seduced.

Rare tipples, fresh beer specialities and fine wine masterpieces - what we serve, has prestige and a proud heritage. We have selected the best wines, liqueurs and spirits in the world on your behalf. An intimate atmosphere has been created, inviting you to stay and let the time pass more slowly. Raise your glasses: to life, to happiness and a wonderful holiday at ENTNERs am See.

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Tel. +43 (0) 5243 5559


Entners Bestseller 4=3

Entners Bestseller 4=3

4 nights from € 522,- p.P
Exploring the Achensee

Exploring the Achensee

Explore the Achensee with the Achensee Erlebniscard

from € 1.213,- p.P.
7 nights
Bike & SUP

Bike & SUP

Sporty at the lake
Explore the lake with your SUP and enjoy the trails with your bike!

from € 522,- p.P.
3 nights